An Example of My own Personal Crisis Communication

Similar to many other people, I’ve had many personal crisis situations throughout my life that seemed impossible to handle.

Here is one of the stories.  ‘A’ person told me that  ‘B’ person told him that ‘C’ person talked that “I speak English as a second language so I’m not capable of doing my current job which I have been doing very well and successful for three years.” Since I don’t want to repeat that, from now I will call that issue “XYZ”. I personally found “XYZ” information was harmful to my reputation and racist to me as I’m a foreigner coming to Canada four years ago.

Of course, without a doubt, this immediately angered me, because the untrue rumors spread about me damaged my identity as an international student. My abilities have been previously shown to my coworkers and boss. Moreover, they also had been considering to promote me at the time, and the ‘XYZ rumors’ which the person talked about me would affect my promotion. I freaked out. I burst into tears. I was frustrated and depressed. The story took over all thoughts in my head and didn’t allow me to focus on working on other things. I also tend to overthink situations and problems in my life. Plus the stress from school and work, it made me terribly mentally exhausted.

However, I knew for sure that I couldn’t do anything at the time, because:

  1. I didn’t hear exactly why the ‘C’ person said that to me, so I couldn’t assume that the information I heard from the ‘A’ was accurate.
  2. My mind was not thinking rationally enough because of the high amounts of stress. I wouldn’t want to respond to the situation based on my instinctive first thoughts without sitting down and thinking through. Those emotional and impulsive first reactions would do more harm than good, and they even might help the situation.
  3. I’m not good at confronting people and am also not interested in causing conflicts with others.
  4. I don’t want to damage my personal brand I’ve been building and developing for years, just to have it destroyed from an insignificant drama.

I bet many people will have a similar situation to the aforementioned event of mine. Knowing how to solve a crisis communication is very important because it will help maintain relationships with people and protect personal brands. In the next post, I will show you how I worked to solve the issue.

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