How I Solved My Personal Crisis Communication (Part 1)

After the talk between the A person and me on that “XYZ”, I came home and cried. I’m sure that you would be like me sometimes trying to figure the problems ourselves but failed. The more I tried to solve the problem ourselves, the more I was not rational, and the more I dug myself deeply in the swamp.

Read my situation Here.

  1. Calm Down:

My body had been shaking since I heard the rumors. I took a hot shower, watched an episode of Anthony Bourdain: A Cook’s Tour, my current favorite tour, and treated myself some chips and guacamole. I was feeling better and able to think critically about what had happened.

“Everybody has something good inside.” – Mother Teresa.

One of the main things that strongly represents my personal brand is making sure I always treat people with kindness, and not to take things personally. Having biases and carrying negative feelings about someone make me truly worse; it’s against my core beliefs and the values of my personal brand.

2. Reached Out to Others For  Help

I’m an introverted extrovert. When things like this happen, I need to find someone to talk. Even if they cannot immediately help me out with an answer, my conversations with them will help ease my stress. Also, people who see the story from the outside will likely be more level-headed than the people who experienced the event.

People who I chose to discuss the issue with are people who know and have met my the rumor spreaders, and my mom who knows me better than I know myself. These people know me extremely well and I trust all of them to share my problems with, so I asked for their help in order to walk me through the solution. They asked me questions which could allow me to think, feel, comprehend and anticipate the situation.


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