How I Solved My Personal Crisis Communication (Part 3)

3. Did the meeting end the issue there?

Yes. The meeting sorted out the issues between me and the ‘C’ person. However, remember I still need to polish my personal brand.

After the meeting, I sent the C person a thank-you email saying how I appreciated our conversation to clear up things. Additionally. I also stated clearly that I don’t like being gossiped so next time, please ask and talk with me in person if s/he had any concerns. Let them know what you want and expect so that next time if the ‘XYZ’ happened again, the ‘C’ person would know how to deal with it. At the same time, they would see that you’re an honest, straightforward and appreciative person.

Also, for the ‘A’ person, I sent s/he a thank-you text for talking with the ‘C’, and thus the ‘C’ person and I could have the meeting.

For people who I reached out to help, I updated the result of the meeting that the ‘C’ person and I were good now. I didn’t give them any details what I talked with the C person during the meeting because everything was enough and I needed to stop the issue there. I also sent them a thank-you text.

4. How is my relationship with the C after? – the TRUST

The problem was solved. The wall between us was taken down. S/he and I become friends. We talk sometimes when we bump into each other. I mean our relationship is as normal as usual. However, since the “XYZ” happened and s/he was smart and active to meet me before the “XYZ” reached the climax and I collected accurate information from the ‘B’ person, I’ve always been wondering myself if I would trust the ‘C’ person again if things like that happens again. I don’t think my answer is yes because there is no smoke without fire. After the “XYZ” happened, I tended to be more cautious about what I do and talk and who I share things with. We are friends and we get along with each other. However, the conversation doesn’t get rid of my first impressions on the ‘C’ person. My first impression on the ‘C’ is always there and it will somehow become my biases on her or affect my assumptions in the futures. “Oh! S/he did that to me. So s/he must be 1…, 2…., and 3…..”


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