Communication plan plays an indispensable role in any project. No matter how big the project is, simply from writing a news release to more importantly,

managing a communication crisis, the communication plan helps people who are in charge of the project understand and be able to answer the six key W/H questions (What, When, Where, Who, Why and How). Also, it allows them to put the project under the control, predict possible things that may happen and ensure stakeholders receive the right key messages.


For me, the communication plan is the combination of creativity and logics and represents the power of preparation and organization. It engages me in learning and understanding the project as well as the company I stand for in terms of values, missions and goals, while it gives me the guide to envision the project and come up with effective, fun and creative tactics. Communication planning has shaped me a more detail-oriented, open-minded, and community-driven person by learning to listen, do research and think big.


What I like about the communication plan most is learning how to define three key messages to gear towards the values of the company and the benefits “What’s in it for me” for targeted audiences. I’ve been applying the formula of communication plan on everything in my life.


During the last meeting, my manager proposed some new changes on staff in the office for the next semester, and immediately she asked our opinions. I didn’t have the answer right away as:

1) the office is a pilot program and has undergone so many changes for the last two years

2) I only had a point of views on what has been happening since the day I joined seven months ago, but not from the beginning.

I couldn’t assume everything was bad or good without evaluating and doing some investigations. I only said, “I want us to sit down, brainstorm and make a communication plan.”

The communication plan allows me to be able to view the problem in many aspects and think deeply before expressing any opinions.


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