All of this happened in one week. During the whole process, the Social Media team focused on boosting positive posts and comments, for example introducing our credible Board of Judges, mentors, and sponsors.

This way, people could be distracted from the negative atmosphere. In any emails sending out, even the warning, I kept it as much polite and professional as possible with the utmost respect. Finally, Sugoi decided to withhold their accusation, ending what seemed like the longest week in my life.

The example of Sugoi team above is typical for the discrepancies between Asian, Japanese in particularly, and Western working cultures. I understood that Sugoi did not mean any harm, that they truly believed what they did was a right thing. When I deleted their comments, it seemed to them that we violated the Samurai’s spirit, Bushido. They assumed if we did nothing wrong, there would be no reason to hide. However, from my perspective, hiding something does not mean you were covering up for a mistake done. The culture difference played a major part in this conflict. When I looked at it from their point of view, I became more patient and sympathetic, thus was able to figure out the best way to defuse the problem they caused.

I still remembered the moment of announcing the winner for VietChallenge 2016. It was the most unforgettable memory in my life, which marked the success of the very first event I worked my dream job as a PR Director. Only one event has taught me so many lessons and opened my eyes beyond what I have learned from school.

As a PR practitioner, I deal with all kinds of people, from the guests of honor to the teams, from the leaders to the volunteers. Sometimes it becomes too stressful, but when I was standing on the stage looking at my teammates hugging each other after such a successful night, suddenly I remembered my favorite African proverb,

“If you want to walk fast, walk alone; but if you want to walk far, walk together”

It is me, the PR person, who contributes to keeping everyone together, who, on behalf of our team, communicates with the world. That is one of the most meaningful things I have wanted to do.

Photo: Internet and me 🙂


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