I found my dream company!!!!!

Last Friday, I signed up for an event, #PassPorttoPRYYC organized by Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) and had such a great experience working as a Public Relations (PR) Practitioner for a morning. What I did was choosing a company I wanted to visit and spending a morning with them learning insights about the company, the field of Public Relations and valuable lessons from professional PR practitioners as well as doing an assignment for them. Having talked and listened to what they shared, I was inspired a lot and realized that I FOUND MY DREAM COMPANY!!!!!!

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5 reasons why VOLUNTEERING is so great!

I wrote my last exam and officially ended my sophomore year in Public Relations program last Thursday. It has been a successful year. I’ve learned and grown so much compared to the freshman year. Also, congratulate everybody on a great school year. You guys have done a good job, too! 🙂

Back to the main topic, “Volunteering,” undeniably, as university students, we all need money and spend most of our time on paid job(s) after school to fight against the economic downturn and maintain our living standard rather than on unpaid jobs. “Volunteering” is suddenly no longer part of our life :-(. However, five reasons below will show you why it’s worth investing time in volunteering ;).

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How have I been powering through the most stressful time of the year?

My friend texted me that she was off to bed and would finish the rest of the project tomorrow. She also reminded me, “Make sure you get some sleep too! Most important thing during stressful times of the semester!” It suddenly hit me that yes, recently I don’t go to bed before 3 o’clock in the morning and wake up after 7:30 o’clock. It means on average I sleep only four to five hours per day, work straight from I wake up until I go to sleep … and I still survive lol.

How can I juggle three jobs with almost 30 hours per week, one remote internship, five group projects due at the same time, trainings for the upcoming event at school, at least 30 – 60 minutes per day talking with my family and friends back to Vietnam over the phone, cookings and thousands of untitled things while still maintaining good grades at school? I’m also the person who does not know how to say “No”, I’m very bad at it, I will take on everything that I think I can when people ask me … doing some more work, covering shifts, helping my friends, etc.

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I speak English as a second language … So ?…

I came to Canada almost four years ago with zero skill of communications in English. Plus the fact that I have been speaking Vietnamese for my entire life, I do have to say that I speak English with a Vietnamese accent. I’ve been improving my pronunciation every day; however, it’s still very noticeable that I speak English as a second language.

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All of this happened in one week. During the whole process, the Social Media team focused on boosting positive posts and comments, for example introducing our credible Board of Judges, mentors, and sponsors.